Our Lesson Plan

In order to make learning fun and effective, its necessary to have the students totally involved. Students can learn better with co-operative learning methods. All the intelligences which include kinaesthetic, visual, audio, etc. should be touched upon in Our lesson plans are set of activities that can be used by the teachers for enhancing the teaching experience. The related timing can be increased.

Chapter 1

Lesson Plan Activities Level (1- 5)

Activity 1
  • Write the following on the board: A = 10, B = 4
  • Now let 10 students come forward.
  • Instruct them to make groups of 4.

    4 + 4 = 8. Let 2 students stand aside.

  • They are the remainder number of students.

Activity 2
  • Instruct them to make groups of 4.
  • The teacher instructs the students to keep aside 17 match sticks.
  • They need to arrange the matchsticks in group of 7.

    The remaining 3 match sticks are kept aside as remainders.