Our Products

Our games enhance the learning experience of the user. The student can solve difficult questions easily. The game provides assistance in learning concepts, remembering some of the formulas and also understanding and remembering the steps to solve the particular equation.


In today’s times, Students find it difficult to cope with time especially in the cities. They are juggling between schools and tuition.

Students of remote places do not have access to good tutors or learning methods as in international schools.

So we thought of coming up with games for learning.

We provide two types of interactive methods:

  1. Interactive mobile games for learning
  2. Activities which teachers can use for lesson plans while teaching.

The games are interactive with great visuals and fun to play. Also our games will include special registration for teachers where they will get access to different activities to teach.

This games will:

  1. Enhance their understanding of the concept.
  2. Reduce time for learning, hence enable them to spend more time for their overall development.
  3. Add the essential ingredient - fun factor to learning, by including activities for the students to follow.
  4. Total involvement will be ensured as in sports. Now no need to worry about back benches.

Summary: Our application caters to two very important factors of students' learning:

Fun factor.

Complete involvement.