Our Lesson Plan

A smokescreen covered their continuous blinks towards the outskirts of the great kingdom, until the cathedral was the only thing clearly visible. Along the way, they could sense the great shadow of a Dragon, watching their every step. Then, the voices of survivors seeking revenge towards the witch echoed through the destroyed cathedral halls.

Chapter 2


Activity 1
  • The teacher allows the students to play the game – GraspIt on mobile. The Chapter number and Level are – Chapter 2 – Level 1.
  • Ask the students to play the game on the app.
  • Point out the number of zeroes for each graph.
  • Show them the intersection point of the graph and the x-axis.
Activity 2
  • Required material – strings/rope, sticks (2 per group).
  • The teacher creates groups of 3 students.
  • Each groups should have one string and 2 sticks.
  • The sticks have to be arranged so as to form a cross i.e. x axis and y axis of a graph.
  • Name each axis as x – axis and y – axis
  • For every group there are 3 roles for the students:
  • For every group there are 3 roles for the students:
  • The student who is creator has to create a shape with the strings while placing it on the cross.
  • The solver finds the zeroes and
  • Create the shape over the sticks
  • The teacher can move around and change the location of the x, y axis so as to change/update the location of zeroes.
  • The team can then revise the answers.
  • The students are asked to note down the sums along with their answers.
Activity 3

    Shuffle your teams (10 min)

  • Now let each Creator go to another team and create another graph.
  • The two students – solver and speaker remain at their place and find solutions of the zeroes
  • The creator moves to another team as shown by the orange face to create a new graphical shape.