Reinforcing Education Through Gamification.
Our gamification workshop, pedagogy, tools and application are inline with the NEP2020 as follows :

Learning Should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable, and Engaging. Technology use and integration. Digital Education. Affordable and Quality Education for all.

Bloom's Taxonomy

The lesson plan activities reaches the level of creativity.

7 Intelligences

Every student learns in different way amalgamating musical. interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, spatial.


Complete package for gamification of curriculum.

Game Application Ids

Mobile application covering the concepts and sums of the curriculum. appealing visuals along with audio and competitions make learning fun and easy.


Includes board games, activity props, interactive gaming tools, robo-medical kits. students turn tech-savvy with our toolkits and increase their creative skills.


Demonstration workshops of gaming to enhance learning. Students experience tech savvy games with co-operative learning methods which increase their engagements and involvement.


Workshops with gamification pedagogy for every standard.

Learning Application
Practical Exercise
Robo Medico Kit
Game Application
Board Game
Learn With Fun
Visual Game
Tech Savvy
Fun Digital Game

About Us

Welcome To GraspHopp !!

We are EdTech Startup with our aim at gamifying the current curriculum. Ours is a Made In Bharat product conceptualised in the USA. We are committed to provide students with enhanced learning based on pillars of AI, digital education, board games, physical games, co-operative learning methods, activities and experiments. This gives a student overall chance to develop and enhance his skills. Learning becomes a need and is yearned for instead of burden.

We Offer !!

Gaming application catering to standard 8 -12 including subjects Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

• Workshops where students learn through games, activities, gaming application, co-operative learning method and experiments. Workshops cover the curriculum

• Gaming kits and Robotics kits, Experiment kits, Tablets, Smartscreen installation

Lesson Plan Activities to help teachers teach using the kits and application. Student analytics, Teacher Training Incentives And Rewards for performers











1000 / Year

  • Workshops with gamification pedagogy for every standard
  • Free* installation for smartscreen,computer labs
  • Free* Teacher training
  • Free* digital marketing
  • Individual IDs for all students
  • Student analytics


5000 / Year

  • Weekly workshops with gamification pedagogy for every standard
  • Free*Advanced RoboMedico Kits & Tablet lab
  • Free* Maths,Physics,Biology,Chemistry Gamification lab
  • Free* digital marketing & Teacher training
  • Free* installation for smart-screen,computer labs
  • Individual IDs for all students & All student analytics
  • Lesson Plans & 70 + innovative toolkits
  • 3d models & VR



Khushi Jadhav

Kudos to everyone involved in shaping this transformative movement!


Pari Patel

Transforming traditional classrooms into vibrant hubs of inspiration and discovery.


krisha Patel

Elevating traditional learning environments into thriving centers of creativity and curiosity.