About Grasp

Our Vision :: Simplify the curriculum by the means of developing interactive games and activities.

Our Mission :: Develop applications and activities for math curriculum for Standard 10th.

In order for India to be a super power and more so maintain as being a world leader in various fields, we need to retain India’s legacy as beacon in the field of education.

India has been a victim of brain drain and also of poor accessibility to quality education.

To bridge this gap we are taking a step to gamify the mathematics curriculum starting from Standard 10th. Every developed country in the world today has education which is cheap, accessible and uniform for each of its children. The same is needed in India.

Our Games

Aleister Hero Character


Explore Real number applications including the Euclid lemma usage in finding the HCF of different numbers.

Hecate Hero Character


Get to know about the polynomials and finding their zeroes. Learn about the division algorithm in fun way and factorization of polynomial.

Theregar Hero Character


Solve equations in multiple variables. Acquaint yourself with different solutions like elimination, substitution and cross multiplication.

Roth Hero Character


Try out different methods of solving quadratic equations using method of square, factorization and know their nature of roots.